“Fitting tribute to Freddie, great chart, a privilege to have it in our library" (Little Sunflower)

           - Fred Sturm, Lawrence University and Eastman School of Music, Rochester NY


"Manuel Kaufmann's arrangement of Little Sunflower is brilliant! He transforms a beautiful but harmonically simple composition into a tapestry of colors with harmonic bite. It's a terrific transformation to the full jazz ensemble setting. A must for every band's library!"

          - Fred Harris, Director of Wind and Jazz Ensembles, MIT, MA


"Thanks, great chart, everybody loves it" (Little Sunflower)

          – Chris McCourry, Hillsdale College, MI


"A really fun, challenging, well-crafted post-bop, medium-up tempo swinger that will grab audiences and players alike" (The Bishop)

          - Greg Hopkins, professor of Jazz Composition at Berklee College of Music, arranger/trumpeter for Buddy Rich                  


"Please keep e-mailing your music we love the  way you write."

          - Patrick Bowen, Las Vegas Academy


“Perfect change of pace chart, highly idiomatic, calling on the long standing jazz tradition of blues playing, yet it requires an appropriate level of sophistication from trio. The band, audiences and festival judges all really enjoyed it” (Shades of Blue)

          – Jeff Leonard, Lexington HS, MA